Seeker recognizes that to take most if not all trips today it requires the angler to plan and save in order to go fishing on charters. For this very reason, the company has come up with a pretty comprehensive package were each angler joining us for a fishing trip will not only have a great time but will also return home with more than they had left with.

For the 2012-2013 charter calendar, Seeker has committed to the following intems to be present on each trip.

#1 Raffle Rods
Two rods to be raffled off at the beginning of each trip

#2 T-Shirt
A trip specific commemorative custom T-Shirt for each passenger who signs up 60 days prior to the trip.

#3 Gift Certificate
A $25 gift certificate good toward the purchase of a new Seeker Fishing Rod from a number of California fishing tackle stores.

#4 Expert Angler Award
On trips 2.5days and longer anglers fishing with Seeker Rods will be competing for largest fish honors when caught on a Seeker Rod. The largest fish will be awarded the “Expert Angler” trophy.

#5 Loaner Rods
On many of the trips of all durations, Seeker will bring between 6-10 rods for anglers to demo. Reels will not be included. Each angler will have the opportunity to use the rod for a day or for the trip. First come first served.

On one of the trips during the 2012-13 charter season, each of the full fare paying passengers signed up 60-days prior to the trip will receive a new Seeker Rod in addition to any other prizes!

In addition, many of the trips’ charter masters will also bring additional items for raffles. We just want each and every trip to be a great experience no matter if you’ve been out once or a hundred times.

The following is the Charter Calendar for Seeker Fishing Rods. However, most trips can be booked directly through the respective landings. If you require information, you can either call the office at Seeker and a trip flyer can be emailed or mailed to you, or you can call the landing office. The price stated in this schedule may not cover additional feels like permits, visas, or fuel surcharges. Please consider the additional expenses prior to booking your trip.



January 12-27 Independence / 15-Day

Point Loma Sportfishing
Ridge/Cow Country
$4095/angler Maximum of 25
Chartermaster: Darin Dohi

Seeker Fishing Rods
1340 W. Cowles St
Long Beach, CA. 90813
562-491-0076 – Office
562-435-7599 – Fax