Bryan Porter

Bryan Porter is a Southern California native. He has been fishing since he was 4 years old. Like many others, his fishing experience began on one of the many Southern California piers. It was his uncle who shared his passion for fishing with young Bryan by taking him to the old Santa Monica double-decker pier where he could be found fishing, goofing off, climbing around the pilings, and enjoying the whole experience. Throughout his youth, Bryan could be found at the piers, on the jetties, and even fishing the surf. Anywhere he could wet a line!

As a teen, Bryan joined the crew on the “Sharpshooter” out of Redondo Sportfishing in Redondo Beach, CA. There he got his sportfishing education learning about bait selection, casting techniques, working on the boat, and helping people learn about fishing.

Over the years, he has accomplished much in the fishing industry even though his actual career is in telecommunications and technology. He is a member of the Ronnie Kovach’s Fishing Adventures Instructor Team. Through his involvement in the program, he has developed a passion for helping kids catch fish. He loves youth fishing programs and is committed to helping with those programs. He is a back-to-back winner of the East Cape Classic in Baja California Sur. He has numerous breakwater tournament wins. He has won the Irvine Lake Catfish Opener Tournament as well as the Skinner Lake Catfish Opener. He is currently sponsored by Berkeley Outdoor Products which include Penn Fishing Reels and Abu Garcia. He is known as a Berkeley Ambassador. He is also sponsored by Owner Hooks as well as Lucky Cat Tackle/Haddock Fishing Lures.

Today, Bryan’s passion for fishing extends from Tournament Bass Fishing to Cow Tuna hunting. He describes himself and his addiction to fishing as “The Full Monty.” He says, “I fish for everything from Bluegill to Marlin and everything in between.”

Bryan is an experienced private boater as well. He has been involved with the layout and rigging of numerous boats. Because of his background in technology, he is often called upon to set up and instruct on the use of new marine electronics. In addition, he has developed and set up recirculating live bait systems for not only his boat but for others as well. With all of this experience you probably wonder what boats he favors. Interestingly, he has a fleet of boats all with specific purposes. He has an 18’ Boston Whaler Montauk for fishing inshore and the Long Beach/Federal Breakwall for trophy calico bass. He has a 22’ Boston Whaler Outrage for Island fishing and offshore. And finally, he has a new Ranger Z21 Bass Boat for his new endeavor of freshwater bass fishing.

Ultimately Bryan loves to catch fish. The size of the quarry isn’t as critical as the fun that is derived from it. Part of that fun is learning about the fish, techniques, and other information that can help him get the next bite. Bryan pointed out that, when asked what his favorite fish is, he says “Every fish but especially the ones that are biting!”

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