Ed Surek

From the age of 5, Ed Surek was already handily catching what he thought were giant fish! He grew up on the east coast and those East Coast giants were actually Bluegill from a river in Pennsylvania. Nevertheless, they were just the fuel to get this youngster hooked for life on the magic of fishing.
Having grown up on the East Coast and migrating to the West Coast, it is easy to see how Ed’s experiences and exposure to different types and modes of fishing is significant. He began as a freshwater fisherman fishing rivers, lakes, streams, and local ponds while living in a number of Northeast states like Pennsylvania and New York. Ed’s passion and excitement for the sport was tempered only by the fact that he had yet to explore the saltwater side of the equation.

In Ed’s professional life, he had a long successful career as an educator in Southern California. He worked for the Garden Grove Unified School District where he taught photography at Rancho Alamitos High School. After a 30-year tenure with the school district, he retired to a life of fishing and catching!

“I started salt water fishing back in 1980 but didn’t really get serious about it until 1986 when I started fishing in local saltwater bass fishing tournaments,” said Ed It was his time in Los Alamitos that really laid down the foundation of what his fishing style is all about today. His dedication and focus zeroed in on fishing the Long Beach and Federal Breakwalls at night. He spent hours upon hours learning, evaluating, experiencing, and logging as much information as he could about the breakwater. Most of that research and information was garnered from his fishing partner and friend Russ Dean. Ed notes, “Russ Dean, in his prime, was probably the best Breakwater fisherman ever!” Together they chalked up tournament victories dating back as far as 1980. Their last entry into the “Win” column came in 2002 when they took the victory at the Allcoast Wall-Banger tournament.

For Ed, it could be said that he is an “All-Bass” kind of guy. He loves fishing the breakwater, the bays, and even out on the half-day and three-quarter-day sport boat trips. He personally has logged countless hours in Newport and Long Beach Harbors over the last 30 years and is now frequently fishing the San Diego Bay. He has been involved with the production of numerous fishing videos. The first was on fishing the San Diego Bay with soft plastic baits and the other was fishing Mission Bay with soft plastic baits. You can rightly glean from his involvement in those productions that he is a master at fishing plastics in the bays. His fishing has now evolved into an “All Plastics…All the Time” affair.
Thankfully, Edge Fishing Products is one of his loyal sponsors with their “Hot Sauce” fish attractant and “Flurries” soft plastic bait products. His competitive accomplishments from 2003 to 2006 highlight his skill with soft plastics when he placed 1st or 2nd in the 5 years of the United Anglers “CAST” tournament. It was a Memorial Day to Labor Day catch and release event where each angler’s catch was recorded and the fish was then released. Ed recorded catches of over 3400 fish, caught and released, all on soft plastic baits. It is obvious that he knew what he was doing.

In 2007, Ed was able to live out one of his lifelong dreams to move to the East Coast and live on the Florida peninsula. He lived in New Smyrna Beach, the home of Mosquito Lagoon. That area is widely accepted as one of the premier Redfish and Speckled Trout locales on the planet. There he found fishing on a daily basis for these inshore species was the lifestyle he had always wanted. The icing on the cake was found when he was easily able to make a quick trip to the “Keys” in search of Bonefish and Tarpon. Because he grew up on the East Coast, he is no stranger to the power and cunning of the fish on the flats. His personal best Bonefish is 14lbs 2oz. As impressive as that is, his trophy Bonefish tally also includes six more fish over the 10lb mark. He also has an estimated 150lb Tarpon to his credit as well.

After a few years back in Florida, Ed returned to Southern California to be closer to his family members who are also living in Southern California. He makes his home in Orange County, CA but is typically found floating about in Mission Bay doing his best to sample the fine inshore fishery that exists. Ed also frequents the Premier out of H&M Landing in San Diego. He has been a vital part of the Seeker family for years now and has been a part of the radical transition from all fiberglass technology that the company was formed by to the now new exotic composite materials that are not only a part of fishing but aerospace as well. His knowledge of the materials, designs, and actions of the Seeker rod lineup has made him one of the key team members when it comes to our trade and consumer shows, as well as our local fishing charters normally run out of the San Diego landings.

Ed’s favorite fish on the West Coast are Spotted Bay Bass and Calico Bass. On the East Coast he favors the Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Bonefish. It’s plain to see that he loves the “Skinny” water. He is a master when it comes to figuring out how to force the fish to bite. When you see him on the water you will understand. He is a great teacher and an even better friend to all who desire to catch more fish!

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