Greg Trompas

Greg Trompas has extensive experience in all aspects of West Coast-style
fishing for over 30 years.

“Through my experience, I have garnered a deep respect for the highest quality equipment available. As a San Diego native, I am able to incorporate my unique understanding and familiarity of the region and the local waters in the many intricacies of our style of fishing in all of its forms. I have fished extensively in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Mexico, Indonesia and Tahiti. Under the tutelage of some of the industry’s best captains, I have had the privilege of developing my skills though one-day private charter sportfishing, long-range sportfishing, six-pack and private tournament sportfishing yachts. I also have extensive experience as a commercial rod and reel fisherman and am currently skippering a custom 35-foot Skipjack sportfisher for a private owner. In addition, my current focus is utilizing the advantages of a small boat with a quiet four-stroke motor for catching large game fish in our local waters and teaching others the joy of successful angling through proper techniques and equipment while maintaining an appropriate concern for conservation.”


Private Sportfishing Yacht Last Minute 2009-present

Skipper of a one-of-a-kind 35-foot custom Skipjack sportfisher

Western Outdoor News 2010-present

Freelance writer for weekly outdoor publication

Private Fishing Guide 2008-present

Private for-hire local fishing guide

Commercial fishing skiff “El Mayor” 2005-present
Employing my knowledge of local waters together with the benefits of a small boat, I have made
countless catches of large game fish as a rod and reel commercial fisherman.
Tournament Marlin Fishing 1999-present

M/V Red Rooster III 1997-present
Fishing with Captain Andy Cates. Worked as a deck hand in the year 2000 furthering my knowledge of
long-range fishing techniques.

M/Y Legend 1999
Worked on Legend furthering my knowledge of the intricacies of swordfish and marlin fishing with
Captain Tommy Neikirk.

M/Y Tomcat 1998-2000
Deck hand on private yacht Tomcat owned by Tom Hawthorne, owner of Caterpillar and Hawthorne
Equipment. Worked under Keith Wolcott, renowned yacht skipper.

M/V Prime Time 1998
Lead deckhand and fishing instructor on Prime Time six-pack charter boat out of Kona Kai Marina.

M/V Polaris Supreme 1993-1995
Worked with Captain Tommy Rothery in his prime. From 3-16 day trips, I learned from Tommy
and had the pleasure to fish the Revillagigedo Island Chain. Skippered one of the 20-foot skiffs at
Guadalupe, Benitos, Cedros, Clarion, Socorro, San Benidicto, and was the first person ever to surf
Clarion Island. Deck boss on Polaris Supreme at the age of 19-20 years and led the
long range fishing seminars.

M/V Prowler 1985-present
Fishing on the Prowler with Captain Buzz Brizendine from a very young age and in 1992
worked a full season on the front-running open-party boat in the fleet.

M/V Point Loma 1988-1991
My father’s second boat specialized in fishing the big Blue-fin Tuna of Guadalupe Island, where he
became known as “Professor Bluefin.” I caught my first 200-pound Blue-fin Tuna at age 15-a 203
pounder. From 13-17 years of age, I worked for my father as a full-time deck hand on the Point Loma.

M/V Fiesta 1980-1988
My father’s first boat. 1-4-day charter vessel. From the time I was 5-13 years old, I learned
from one of the best, my father, Greg Trompas.

M/V El Dorado 1978-1980
In January 1978, with Captains Alan Fay and Greg Trompas, I began my life as a fisherman.