Hubert “Kewly” Zimara

Hubert “kewly” Zimara / KFGS-Fishing has been a positive influencial to many upcoming SoCal freshwater fishermen/women who have used his Guide Services. His ever-growing influence in the local SoCal scene has been helpful to many anglers that have used/fished with KFGS-Fishing out on the freshwater Striper/Trout lakes in California.… Kewly has been fishing for over 25 years, and introducing KFGS-Fishing to the SoCal fishing scene as a Professional, Licensed & Bonded guide teaching/showing anglers the similar techniques to what makes Seeker rods “best of the best” out there… for Stripers and Trout. It is no wonder why “Kewly/KFGS-Fishing” teamed up with Seeker Rods to share a similar fishing-lifestyle! Nextime you’re in SoCal or wanting to get on the local Striper or Trout scene, team-up with KFGS-Fishing/Seeker, 1 of the best of the best!!


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