Designed by Seeker Rod Pro Stafffer Bruce Cremer to meet the unique demands of Alaskan fishing. Bruce is a custom rod builder and avid fisherman with 18 years of Alaska fishing experience. He combined his knowledge of Alaskan waters with inputs from top professional guides and charter operators throughout the state. Seeker rods has taken this information to develop some of the finest equipment available for the professional as well as weekend fishermen.

The Alaska Halibut rods were designed with enough lifting power to handle the 200-300 pound flatfish yet retain enough sensitivity to feel the tap of average 25-40 pounders. These rods feature state of the art turbo guides with extremely hard blue zirconia rings. These rings are designed for fishing with the new Spectra fishing lines in use today. The reel seats and gimbals are made of 6061-T6 Hard Anodized aluminum from Perfection Tip Co. The rods also feature high density hypalon foregrips and high impact resistant plastic slick butts for durability. The blanks are made from 100 percent “E” glass which make them extremely durable yet light enough for all day fishing. These rods are triple coated and wrapped in blue and yellow to match the Alaskan flag.

The new 2 piece Salmon series rods combine the extra toughness of “S” glass with graphite for sensitivity and extreme durability. These rods are designed for trolling, mooching and back bouncing for the big King salmon found in Alaskan waters. They feature ceramic guides and EVA grips which make them extremely light yet powerful. You can fish these rods all day!

Seeker Rods has also designed a halibut harpoon and several sizes of gaffs for use on the larger charter boats as well as the smaller private fleet. The harpoon is designed to be custom fit to the size boat you use. It comes with heavy duty brass arrow point tip that will not pull out when you stick the 300+ halibut or sharks.These harpoons have enough weight behind them to make the job easy. We also manufacture a 5 and 7 foot gaff built on an “E” glass blank with a large 4 inch Mustad Saltwater hook.You can see and feel the quality behind these extremely durable products.

Back in 2005 we introduced our line of extremely high end Alaskan Series Fly Rods by Seeker.These rods are beautiful ‘custom built’ quality, state of the art fishing rods. Using extremely high modules graphite blanks we have come up with the ultimate in lightweight fast action rods. Everything about these rods says quality from the premium grade cork, lightweight graphite/aluminum reel seats to the removable fighting butt.We added new lightweight hard blue zirconium strippers and oversized titanium single foot guides for long smooth casts. These rods are all 9 foot 2 piece blanks and come in 6-8-10 weights to handle everything from the monster Alaska rainbow trout to the hard fighting salmon and steelhead.

50100101 AK 6455XXH-5 1/2’C 60-100 5 1/2′
50100201 AK 663XXH-6 1/4′ RS/RT 60-100 6 1/4′
50100301 AK CSA 896-8 3/4′ 12-30 8 1/2′