Noah Nolten

Noah Nolten comes to us from Fountain Valley, CA located in Southern California’s sun drenched Orange County. He is just 13 years old but has the passion for the sport of fishing like men much older than him. Like so few kids his age, he has the support and encouragement of his parents to really embrace his love for fishing. Albert Nolten, Noah’s father, can be found driving from tackle shop to tackle shop to give Noah time to learn and experience the tackle first hand. Truth be told, Noah came to join the Seeker Junior Pro-Staff by a chance meeting at a tackle shop weekend sale. He was greeted by Vice-President and General Manager, Darin Dohi and encouraged to apply for the new program. As it turns out he became, and will forever be known as the very first inductee into the Seeker Fishing Rods Junior Pro-Staff Program.

Noah began fishing at the age of 2. Since then, he has tallied up no fewer than 10 saltwater species ranging from Calico Bass to Yellowtail and from Starry Rockfish to a very fine 17lb+ Sheepshead that he whipped on a Seeker American Series Rod! His favorites include Calico Bass, Sand Bass, Spotted Bay Bass, Yellowtail, and Barracuda. He is developing into a true “SoCal” kind of fisherman. At his age he already owns his first ULUA jig stick! Now that he’s become part of the Seeker Family, I have a feeling it is only the first of many!

Noah is a very well rounded fisherman for his age. His tackle selections extend well beyond his years. He currently owns an Avet MXJ, a Saltist 30H and a Shimano Citica. He is a loyal Izorline fisherman and is already transitioning over to fishing Spectra full time! As a Junior Pro-Staffer, he is looking forward to representing Seeker at the various events he is called on to work. He is already competing in the SWBA, Bloodydecks, and Plastic Navy tournaments.

He also enjoys freshwater fishing for largemouth bass, and trout. In fact, at the age of nine, he took first place honors at an Irvine Lake trout tournament where he won $400 and a $200 custom 100% graphite trout rod! Noah says, “I grew up on Irvine Lake. I’ve caught many trout there between five and eight pounds. My personal best trout out of Irvine is fourteen pounds!” With accomplishments like that, it is easy to see why Seeker opened their doors to him becoming a part of their youth program.
Noah is a very young Junior Pro-Staff member. He is in fact the very first to get accepted into this very exclusive program. It is the company’s hope that his experience will not only make him a great fisherman, but a solid young man. We are thankful for his parent’s approval and look forward to many years with them as part of our family.

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